Travel Diary Spain pt.1

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¡Hola a todos!  After Morocco, I went to Spain for a solid 5 days. The land of the rabbits was such a beautiful country. What was once a great empire is now transformed into a very relaxed and diverse environment e.g siesta. Can you believe that it is one of the only three countries that have the Atlantic and Mediterranean ocean as coastlines? It’s incredible. So take a look on how I spend my the days in Spain. Hope by then you’re as convinced as I am that Spain is indeed one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Also, I will be dividing this entry to 2 parts. Enjoy!

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Granada Alhambra Palace :

I believe this intricate ceiling was made out of marble.


Frosted glass mosaic
Granada Alhambra Sabika Hill
The garden at Alhambra

Cordoba Mosque-cathedral 

The baroque era
Gilded ceilings
This was one of my favorites


Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 11.26.22 AM

Plaza De Espana:

Panoramic view of Plaza De Espana


Cathedral of Seville:

Considered as one of the most famous Altarpieces in the world!
I spot an ongoing trend..


My favorite glass mosaic so far
This was protocol but I accidentally burnt my skin with the scalding hot water.

Visiting the cathedrals around Spain made me realize how big of an impact the Christian influence has over Spain. I also ‘witness’ a revolution when visiting Alhambra palace. It was where Queen Isabelle I of Castille gave a part of her fortune to finance Christopher Columbus’ expedition. I still couldn’t get over it.



                                                              To be continued..

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