WordPress Writing101-Day 7.

I’m about to take a huge step next year. That is going to preparation college for my grade 11. I know I’m rushing it. I know the consequences of my actions. I’m going to miss a good chunk of high school. Not to mention prom-as everyone would say the ultimate high school experience.

Then again, under my circumstances, I thought this was the rational and most logical thing to do. I feel like I’m wasting time waiting until graduation. Like if i had a choice, I’d rather not waste any time and directly go to preparation college where at least I could be a lot more productive and actually learn something that I would actually remember and use in real life.

But now that I think about it. What good does education offer us? Sure, you get a job then get married and have kids but surely I don’t think that is what life is all about. It’s frustrating how our live revolves around studying and working our ass off to get the perfect grade that ends up for nothing.

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