WordPress Writing101-Day 2.


I had 15 minutes to write this down. Obviously, there is more to the things I like, things I learn and things I wished but this is what came to mind as soon as I time myself. Not edited.

😊Things I Like😊:

• The smell of peaches, fresh roses, jasmines, ocean air. • Gust of cold wind in the summer heat. • When your stomach plummets down when you’re going down of a rollercoaster. • A box of assorted chocolate. • Homemade gelato. • Eating blood red apple. • Cinema scent. • The beach.  • Getting a golden tan.  •Travelling. • Chandeliers. • luxurious spa treatments.  Minimalist houses.  Seedless grapes. • Cold, fresh coconut. • Sleeping in a cold room on a rainy day. • Adrenaline rush. • Peonies. •French patisserie. • Unpredictable scenerios. • All around adventurous person. •Kittens.


Things I’ve Learned:

• People change. • Good things doesn’t last forever. • Take chances because opportunity rarely present themselves.

Things I Wish:

I wish people would stop acting like insignificant assholes and start helping them instead of breaking them down.

• Be humble, you don’t know what to expect from people.

• We don’t appreciate things until we lost them.
Things I Wish:

I wish people would stop acting like assholes and help other people instead of breaking them.

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