WordPress Writing101-Day 8.


To my 5 year old self, 10 years into the past.

Childhood is the starting point. Sometimes what you do in the past defines who you are in the future. Take chances. Conquer your fear. Say what you believe in. One day you’re gonna look back and think wow i’m sure glad I did that.
One thing that I want you to know is that you’re a very impulsive person. You’re going to do things you never thought of and guess what? It will give you a sense of freedom that you’re going to crave again and again. You will have crushes-lots of them, but in the end, they’re just something to fill up your time-nothing serious. You will also learn that people make mistakes and accept the fact that sometimes they hurt you intentionally for no reason. It is understandable to be hurt, just don’t carry it to the point of depression. You’re still too young and it’s not worth it I’m telling you.
There will also be plenty of good times too. You will finally get to travel and fill your passports with stamps from all over the globe. And okay, be ready, I know you’re going to get excited for this. You’re gonna be an older sister! How fun and emotionally exhausting is th
at? You’re going to love her so much that it hurts and give her so many hugs that you’ll lost count. Day by day, you’re going to watch her grow to become the witty kid she’s meant to be. A little girl who is wise beyond her years. Remember, she’s not perfect but you’re going to accept her the way she is just like how you accept everything that has already turn out in life.
Oh and one day you will learn to know about that stereotypical punk girl with colorful hair from the movies you watch with your brother and sister. Don’t be surprised because someday you’re going to dye your hair blue-ish green and get obsessed with coloring your hair in various different colors. You’re also probably wondering how mom and dad would let you do that but I’ll let you figure that one out.


❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈

For my wiser, 25 year old self, 10 years into the future.

I’m your 15 year old self. Yes, you wrote this when you were 15. And right now I’m guessing you’re 25. So congrats on being closer to the dreaded 30. I’m hoping that by this point you will still have no wrinkles because I can’t imagine what you’d look like. By the way I have a list of questions that I wanted to ask you since I know for sure that you are a lot wiser than I am. Here it is:
1. Do a recap on what you’ve done from when you’re 16. Tell me everything. I’m dying to know.
2. Who are you still friends with?
3. How are mom and dad? Are they doing well? How’s both of my sister and brother? Where in the world are they now?
4. Are you planning on getting married anytime soon? Or do you like anybody right now?
5. Do you have a job? What major did you end up taking anyway? I’m still figuring it out.

Future self, life isn’t that great at home right now. Things are getting serious with the ‘rents. I have no idea what to do and I don’t feel like pouring my heart out to anybody right now. Do you think I’m going to make it? I’m currently typing this at the guest room downstairs and would love to know what you think. Guess I just have to wait for 10 more years to find out.

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