WordPress Writing101- Day 10.

The shallow part of the pool during sunset

I saw kids swimming across from me in the shallow part of the pool. Their vibrant swim equipments stood out against the tedious clear blue water. I was pretty contented with what I saw if it weren’t for the fact that those kids were screaming at each other. On my left, I could hear adults exchanging few nice words to one another. On my right was the reception-nothing interesting there as per usual. I then look up and gaze at the lonely sky. I recall the sun setting at this time of day but it was now just a plain grey overcast. My mind was elsewhere until I hear the sound of rain bombarding the swimming pool. Slow, widespread and steady at first and just like the calm before the storm, hell broke loose as a flash of lightning strikes and a rumble of thunder follows suit.

           ✴︎ ✴︎ ✴︎ ✴︎ ✴︎ ✴︎

And the story follows with me running my ass back home. In the middle of a thunderstorm. Still smiling nonetheless. 😜

I made it home though.

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